Maronda Homes in Spring Hill Florida – A picture is worth…?

by Josh on June 2, 2008

People are always asking for “the best Real Estate Deal“… and that’s great and I’m 100% all for it – but you need to remember that to an extent…you get what you pay for. As they say…a picture is worth a thousand words.

I drove by this home the other day and stopped to take a few pictures (assuming it was vacant). The owner saw me and came out and we chatted for a few minutes – he’s a very nice fellow who while looking for “the best deal” feels like he got a “raw deal”.

Maybe it’s not fully justified…then again…I haven’t seen a customer do this with any of the other builders in Spring Hill…


…and if you’re coming from out of state and aren’t familiar with local builders – call me. Even if you don’t want me to represent you in your purchase, I’d be happy to answer your questions for a few minutes regarding the local real estate market.

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